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With many years helping clients manage the intricacies of plan administration, DWC understands the needs of business owners. As retirement and compliance experts, DWC can assist you in areas outside of plan development and maintenance.

Take advantage of our expertise. Let us help you connect the dots when it comes to retirement and your business operations. DWC provides a number of services, including:

  • Representing Clients in IRS and/or Department Of Labor Audits
    Understanding these two agencies and the issues that are important to them is vital to proper representation. At DWC, we have guided many clients through audits and understand the nuances needed to respond quickly and effectively.
  • Due Diligence in Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-Offs
    When these situations arise, benefit plans are often an afterthought. That's where we come in. Our consultants can review existing plans and help all parties understand the options while identifying potential issues.
  • Preparation of Corrective Filings Using IRS and DOL Voluntary Correction Programs
    With so many moving parts, mistakes can happen. Fortunately, both the IRS and DOL have created voluntary correction programs that, with the proper documentation, can help minimize any negative repercussions. DWC can help you determine the best solution and, if necessary, work directly with the IRS and/or DOL on your behalf to facilitate an effective solution.

Other Questions?

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