DWC ERISA Consultants

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DWC has a long history of successfully partnering with financial advisors. We bring decades of experience, supported by the resources to deliver comprehensive solutions for your clients. Our consultants understand the importance of your relationships and will work seamlessly alongside your team.

We tailor our services to match the needs of each individual client. This applies not only to what we provide, but how we collaborate. We are skilled at working in tandem with any external resources you choose, but can also help assemble the team.

Over the years, DWC has developed a vast network of trusted professionals, including recordkeepers, accountants and attorneys. We can draw upon this network of proven partners to find those who best fit each client's needs. We are happy to refer you directly, or serve as the main point of contact. It's all about developing an efficient, effective workflow that delivers the level of service you and your clients deserve.

Bring us on board during the sales process and DWC can help enhance and refine the services you bring to your clients:

  • Run plan design projections including safe harbor 401(k), new comparability and cash balance illustrations
  • Interface with recordkeepers to gather proposals
  • Attend meetings and presentations to help respond to client questions
  • Suggest and solicit proposals from other partners, as needed

Once the client hires you and DWC, we will do the following:

  • Provide plan design, installation and transition support
  • Keep you in the loop with copies of all client communications and documents
  • Act as an ongoing resource for your staff on industry news, regulations, etc.
  • Communicate with recordkeepers and other resources, as needed

With DWC at the table, you can focus on building your business and be confident your clients are in good hands.