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DWC remains committed to staffing our team with experts. All of our employees are selected for their industry knowledge. We have an established professional development program that requires all consultants to obtain certain designations within a specified timeframe after they come on board. In addition, DWC maintains a rigorous continuing education schedule that emphasizes technical competence and ethical business practices.


On our team, we have three graduate business degrees and 25 industry professional designations. Four of our team members are admitted to practice before the IRS as Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents ("ERPAs"). DWC takes the extra step of requiring all of our employees to have PTINs (Preparer Tax Identification Number), meaning we voluntarily subject ourselves to the same rules of professionalism and ethical behavior that apply to other legal, financial and tax professionals.


The rulebook for our industry consists of laws and regulations. In other words, it is public domain, available to anyone who wants to learn it. That means book knowledge is not enough. We have to be able to explain and apply it in a practical manner.

Every member of the DWC team is encouraged to think beyond the conventional wisdom and put themselves in their clients' shoes. Since the IRS and Department of Labor are involved, following regulations is of critical importance, but the strategy for doing so must be considered in the context of the day-to-day business environment.

What works for one client will not necessarily work for another. Having solid knowledge of the rules while keeping in mind business realities allows every DWC team member to be a strategic business partner to their clients rather than simply another service provider.