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As our tagline says, we are strategic, precise and proactive. We should also add expert, timely and thorough to the list. These adjectives characterize not only the services we provide but also the way we manage our business. Each client is assigned a service team (Consultant, Team Leader and Partner) that is responsible for every step of your plan.

Our business practices have been certified with the Service Provider Excellence seal, a true testament to our integrity and service. For more information, please visit cefex.org or click here to view the ASPPA's Standard of Practice for Retirement Plan Service Providers.


Knowledge Is Key

All of our team members possess a deep understanding of the financial principles and regulations surrounding retirement plans.

We also communicate complex topics in a manner that is easily understandable. In fact, we regularly receive compliments from clients and partners for our ability to do just that.

Commitment to Client Service

Our clients come first. That means we take a proactive approach, working to anticipate needs before they arise. DWC invests in systems that track our deliverables and project status in real-time.

Since technology evolves quickly, we continuously review ours to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. We understand that technology is a tool to enhance our services and not a substitute for expertise or human interaction. All of our consultants are here when you need us – we put a priority on accessibility and responsiveness.

In-Depth Results … Faster

In today's fast-paced world, turnaround time is key, but not at the cost of quality. When you work with DWC you don't have to choose. We provide detailed, timely advice and reporting based on expert analysis and a thorough peer review process. Every time.

Building Strategic Partnerships

We believe collaboration with other professionals including investment advisors, accountants and attorneys is essential. At DWC, we strive to support and foster these partnerships. Working together translates to a more informed, efficient way of doing business and delivers the highest level of service to our clients.